10 Must-Try Restaurants in Solenad, Nuvali

Whether you realize it or not, there’s a difference between finding a restaurant and finding a good one. Considering with the flood of restaurant review sites, finding a good Solenad restaurant can be challenging. Obviously, you do not want to waste your money without being satisfied with what you eat, right? Regardless of what time of the day, you can always have a good meal in a good restaurant.

Generally, Solenad in Nuvali is a huge, sprawling and mostly open air kind of mall that’s unlike any of Ayala’s developments. Moreover, Solenad offers a wide variety of first-class restaurants, where you can find most foodies lining up. But we list down top 10 restaurants that must be on your top list.

  1. Harry’s Cafe De Wheels

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Take your snack time to the next level and head to Harry’s Cafe De Wheels. The restaurant is an import from Australia and known as a local food truck. They cater Aussies snacks such a pies where they freshly and generously made. Pies also come in various flavors. For meat lovers, they should try the crowd favorite Tiger Pie. It comes with a beefy interior and toppings of mashed potatoes, mushy peas, and Harry’s special gravy. Aside from best-selling pies, they also serve hot dogs, sausages with mushy peas, chili con carne and many others. You can try these Australian snacks for only Php 800.

  1. Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

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If you are looking for a homey meal around Solenad, then you should try Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen. It is an Italian restaurant, which caters a warm and homey spot for reliable Italian cuisine. One of the best-selling dishes of Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen is the pizza, where they add mango to the typical pizza ingredients. And of course, do not forget to try out other dishes such as Risotto Tartufo, Funghi, Spaghetti Seafood Olio and Rollo Di Pollo. You won’t bother paying Php 1000 for the dish since it will give you the taste that you need.

  1. The Morning After

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If you are planning to have your breakfast in Solenad, then The Morning After should be on your list. The restaurant caters breakfast meals inspired by the likes of Italian, German, and Japanese cuisine. Moreover, you should also try their bruschetta, pizza, and maki for a more tasteful morning. You can have a satisfying breakfast for Php 100 (good for two).

  1. Bistro Charlemagne

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Bistro Charlemagne is popular for visiting international artists such Ariana Grande. They cater an interesting fusion of European and Asian Cuisines that satisfies your cravings for food. Moreover, the restaurant is known to serve ironic dishes that are both familiar and unexpected. You can try their special dishes for only Php 800 (good for two).

  1. House of Bawai

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If you are looking for a refreshing change of scenery, then you might want to try House of Bawai. It is a restaurant that serves an elegant spotlight, flavorful and invigorating Vietnamese comfort food. Moreover, they also serve a lot of healthy options like Goi Cuon or fresh spring rolls, Goi Du Du or fresh papaya salad and Pho Bo or noodle soup. You should also try their caffeine fix with Bawai’s hot or iced drip coffee with condensed milk. You can have these Vietnamese foods for Php 1000 (good for two).

  1. Nonna’s Pasta & Pizzeria

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If you are impressed with Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, then you should also try their branch Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria. The restaurant gives you a welcoming vibe with updated trendy touches in its interiors and food. Nonna’s Pasta & Pizzeria is known to serve delicious pasta and pizza, which were made from scratch. The pasta and pizza are served with hot honey for an interesting flavor punch. Of course, aside from their specialties, the restaurant also serves a wide selection featuring both simple and unique concoctions. You can now enjoy Pasta and Pizza for Php 1000 (good for two people).

  1. The Pig Pen Cafe

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If you happen to try The Black Pig in Alabang, then you should also try The Pig Pen Cafe where they serve a mouthwatering combination of their dishes. And if you plan to have your breakfast in Solenad, then do not miss out their waffles with pork belly or Catalan sausage. For lunch or dinner, you can have their Pig Pen’s sandwich, pasta, board and rice selections would be a great treat. You can have these dishes for Php 1000 (good for two people).

  1. Oh, Bento

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If you are looking for a restaurant that does not just only serve delicious foods but have an impressive ambiance, then you better try Oh, Bento. You and your kids will surely enjoy the Japanese inspired theme since it has an artistic concept of their restaurant. You can try ordering their emperor/empress bento, sumo burger, and the fortune pancake. You can enjoy these for Php 600 (good for two people).

  1. Pig Out

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If you are too hungry and you want to eat a lot, then head over now to Pig Out. The restaurant is best for family and friends for a better dining experience. Pig Out is best for their Pork belly inihaw, Grilled Tuna Belly, Crispy Pata, and their best seller, the Chicharon Fried Rice. You can enjoy these meals for Php 200-499 (good for sharing).

  1. Burger Republic

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If you can’t get enough with burgers, you should also try the Burger Republic. It is not your typical burger. But the restaurant offers a wide variety of Burger such as Boracay Surprise Burger (made with homemade chorizo patty), Pampanga’s Delight Burger (Tocino patty), Bacolod’s Pride Burger (Chicken Inasal Fillet), And Batangas Ala Eh! Burger (Classic Beef patty). You can try different burgers for Php 500 (good for two people).

When it comes to food trips, you should never miss out these 10 must-try restaurants in Solenad, Nuvali. Mind you, a good and satisfying meal can make your day.



Lem Zambrano
Lem Zambrano is a Filipino blogger who loves to experience the uniqueness of his home country. He is passionate about writing travel guides and currently doing so professionally for Alviera and Nuvali.

Lem Zambrano

Lem Zambrano is a Filipino blogger who loves to experience the uniqueness of his home country. He is passionate about writing travel guides and currently doing so professionally for Alviera and Nuvali.

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